Be the One at the Beach

Teens share their thoughts on the power of making one decision that can change a lifetime.


Be the One – The Beautiful People

There’s much more to sex than the physical. In fact, sexual activity impacts all of who we are – mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Be the One teaches whole-person health – the entire truth – to youth and their families.


Be the One – Understanding Desires

Teens talk candidly about making healthy decisions in the midst of constant pressure from people and other cultural influences.


Be the One – Go to store, Buy pants…

It’s the simple things that often make the biggest difference.


“I Will Wait for You” by Official P4CM Poet Janette…IKZ

P4CM Official Poet Janette…IKZ shares a beautiful piece during Lyricist Lounge 4 on “Waiting”. Check out for more poems and the date of the next Lyricist Lounge.


Be the One – Never Too Late

It’s never too late to wait!


Be the One – Marriage Intro

Marriage is a life-long commitment to the health and well-being of your spouse and future children.


Be the One – Slinky: A Little Dog with a Little Advice

Slinky shares some “wisdom” for us complicated humans.


Be The One – Identity

Life is an adventure, full of decisions that shape who we are and will become. But some things we face on the journey are far too costly to just expect failure.


Jason Evert – How Far Is Too Far?

Jason Evert speaks with youth about the question of “how far is ‘too far'” in a healthy dating relationship.